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B2C: align content with more qualitative leads

If you want to score as a company in the Business To Consumer market, then unique content is one of the most important elements to bring to a high level. Know who your target group is and serve that group with the right content. This content marketing is becoming increasingly relevant, because receiving 'free' leads has always been preferred by companies. Content, as part of SEO, can be used in various ways. What does score and what hardly contributes to achieving the goals of your company. In short: how does content ensure improved results in the Business To Consumer market?

Content for Marketing Qualified Leads

Companies use personalization increasingly better within their target group approach. Where we gain more and more insight into visitor data, even more is possible with regard to the targeted approach of the target group. Personally and with the support of content that the visitor is actually searching for. This results in the so-called Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). This is a prospect (lead) who meets one or, and preferably several, Buyer Persona Criteria. This includes visitor, lead, MQL and, as a follow-up, converting the lead into a customer. A complex system, but functional due to the possibilities of data.

What role does content play in this? Content marketing is the use of content in various forms to achieve the company's objectives. These objectives are of course different per company, from non-profit to commercial. In general, there are two strategies for approaching the target group, through content or through paid advertisements. Content is generally seen as an economical way to get the target audience to your company, because it does not cost a direct budget and the value of a lead from content marketing is therefore extremely valuable. Companies that are already in the middle of this are looking for the opportunities to add even more value to website visitors. In that context, personalization of the content is a must.

Personalizing the content, but how?

We have seen the personalization of marketing communications by companies for some time. Consciously or unconsciously, you have undoubtedly noticed that paid advertisements return to multiple websites, following your visit to a specific URL. This personalization is often still a paid form of marketing, but also with content marketing more is possible. It is important to find out which target group you want to reach, where they are located and which channels still make a critical contribution to the quality of content on the internet.

Every day, visitors are stimulated and inspired on the internet. By personalizing advertising and content as much as possible, you increase the chance of a conversion. Content is sometimes mistakenly confused with long texts on your own website; return the most important keyword as much as possible and hope that your website scores well in the search engine. Content is much more than that. Content returns on countless channels. Not only your own website is important, but you will often find the target group outside your own website. On social media, with a blog or by sending personalized e-mails to interested people. Personalization can be very accessible, depending on your own preferences.

Expand the first contact moment

Marketing Qualified Leads must start somewhere, and this is often already at the first contact moment. A visit to the website provides data; where does a visitor look at and at what point does the visitor leave your website? In the following steps you will start designing a Buyer Persona. What does the person from your target group meet? In other words, create a profile of the ideal person from your target group. The sharper you are here, the better you are able to personalize your content. More important, however, is how you will collect information about the visitor? You prefer the visitor to approach you with a question or comment from the contact form. However, this is risky because not every customer loves forms or surveys.

Is it also possible to approach the visitor proactively? Certainly! There are more and more possibilities to discover the needs of visitors. An online blog or opinion piece with a subsequent possibility to respond, ensures that you can retrieve the thoughts of the visitor. In the sequel you are looking for a certain type of behavior; your most active followers will return to your site more often, open e-mails and complete contact forms. That interaction with your content results in a high-quality lead. Is this also directly a Marketing Qualified Lead? That depends on the profile that you have drawn up for your target group.

A big chance of conversion

Not every visitor to your website is an MQL, but they can become one. As a visitor comes back more often or becomes more active on your website, for example by downloading documents or asking questions via customer contact, the chance of a conversion grows. In this phase it is essential to have a clear view of what an MQL is, for example by linking it to a specific number of contact moments or a frequently returning visitor. With this visitor the chance of a conversion is actually greater. After the process in which a one-time visitor has become an MQL, you start with the MSL phase: Marketing Sales Leads.

Content at different levels

After you have made a choice for your target group, the type of MQL and the channels that you want to use, it is time to shape content. This happens on different levels. A user searching for something is best reached with content from the top of the funnel. It is informative content, where the visitor finds an answer to a question. The visitor who comes to your website in this phase is still of minimal value. A continuation of this top-of-funnel content is more personal. You not only answer a question, but you also have the alternative after which one is looking. Visitors to the website that come directly from this content represent a higher value for your company.

Within content marketing it is not always easy to distinguish between valuable visitors and 'negative' visitors; people who, for example, only see the job page. A marketer therefore prefers to use automated systems. For example, there is software that you can control yourself and with which scores are automatically assigned to various visitors to the website. You then use the results from these analyzes to make content even more personal. This increases the chance of conversions from an ever-larger group.

Content on various channels

The value of content differs per channel or type of message. The content on your own website remains essential, especially to improve the page rank in the search engine. Here we talk about activating texts or valuable videos to promote your product or service. Becoming visible on other channels is equally important. A blog on a targeted website or a short tweet about your product / service immediately yields more visitors or followers. Everything revolves around traffic to the website, because here you can analyze and convert the visitor into an MQL. By offering unique content and personalized information, you guide the visitor to a sale.

What forms of content are we talking about? Not all content offers the value that you are looking for. What is currently doing well are blogs, whitepapers or eBooks (downloadable) and external articles. The way to extract information from your target audience is by offering whitepapers and eBooks as a download in exchange for an e-mail address. It is easily accessible and visitors often do not mind passing on an email. The e-mail address then gives you options for personalizing content. The value of a white paper or eBook should also be high, because repeat visitors take the next step towards an MQL or SQL.

Content is personalizing

As we have tried to explain, content has multiple levels. A general level to attract more visitors to the website, and personalize your content through various channels. Do not stay too long in the general story, but focus on content that can be found deeper and deeper in the so-called sales tunnel. Full disclosure of content for the right target group. What is your distinctive proposition and how can this be reflected in the content?

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