B2E the success of Business To Employee

B2E the success of Business To Employee


B2E - the success of Business To Everyone

Almost everyone has heard of the terms 'B2B' (Business to business) or 'B2C' (Business to consumer). However, the new B2B is Business To Everyone, or B2E. It is a principle that focuses on the human side of business; not only externally, but also within your own organization. In order not to lose the overview, a new step is needed, which is not so much a step backwards, but this seems to be the case. How do employees of, in particular, large companies remain involved in business processes? B2E plays a crucial role in this.

B2E with two meanings

In addition to the Business to everyone mentioned, B2E has a second possible explanation, namely the business to employee strategy. With this you keep the employee actually involved in the various business processes, they remain motivated and they celebrate the success within companies together. Especially in times when finding (suitable) staff is not easy, the importance of a Business To Employee strategy is growing. Continuous motivation results in that you are better able to retain your employee and it ensures a positive brand awareness towards the potential employees of the future. A company that invests in its own staff will experience great benefits in the long term from this positive and hitherto unique approach.

What does this new concept of Business to Employee look like in practice? Basically it means that you create a platform to engage employees. This is where communication between colleagues or even departments takes place. The marketing department with sales and the production department with the front office. This way, everyone stays up to date with the latest developments and decisions are made in a more transparent way. B2E is not just a development, because as a company people consciously choose to shift the focus from the customer to their own employee within Business to Employee. The value of it cannot be under estimated, happy and engaged people make happy and engaged customers.

Employee the 'main point of interest'

Many companies overlook the aspect of the relationship between company and employee. A pity, because it appears that an undervaluation of that relationship indirectly reduces the customer experience. Just check: if an internal system such as a ticket system or a customer contact system does not work properly, then it is 9 out of 10 times the customer who suffers the most from the situation. Therefore the shift to attention for internal systems and satisfied employees is crucial to achieving the objectives.

What is the difference with the internal systems as we already know them? Consider the intranet, which plays an important role within different organizations. There is indeed a difference, in particular in the way in which you use the internal system to fulfill the wishes of the employee. Most of the current internal systems are still too focused on the organization as a whole, and less on individual views, also it doesn’t enable employees to publish news themselves. This must change with the B2E concept.

An intranet plus system

At B2E you give an extra dimension to the intranet as we know it. In the old system, people visit all 'expected things': a common e-mail, a FAQ and the history with orders. In the Business To Employee situation, people expect more from the system. Within this, there is room for personal input. An overview of the links that you as an employee want to visit again, personal preferences or even games that you enjoy playing. The target? Increase the satisfaction of your own employees and at the same time increase efficiency. As an employee, in the future you must get the feeling that you really belong to the company. This not only stimulates the employee, but also the strong story that you bring out. One thing has not changed, and that is the principle whereby word of mouth promotes new customers.

The careful management of B2E

Business To Employee is new and therefore still 'changeable'. Many companies manage to sell well to the outside world, while there is still much to be gained within the organization. In the B2E concept, anything is still possible in that light. For example, there are already companies that dare to encourage their own employees to buy products from the company. When your product is really good, there is of course no reason not to do this as an employee. Of course with a discount, because that way you keep the employee extra satisfied. This consideration of selling products within the company is not new, but it is an increasingly well-known example of the B2E strategy that is being implemented by more and more companies. How to manage this differs.

The Benefits of Business To Employee

There are numerous benefits of the new B2E approach by companies. Employees who are more actively involved in the business process and 'can' take in more information, appear to work more efficiently and more profitably. In particular, the motivation to take an extra step for the company would be expressed with a successful B2E strategy. People no longer do what they are instructed to do, but actually want to come up with creative solutions to problems that the company faces now or in the future.

Another, also logical, advantage relates to the structure of the company. Much of the internal communication will increasingly be found online and better. The unnecessary printing of documents, saving data in a physical folder or even worse the loss of data will be a thing of the past. With B2E, a company simply works in a more streamlined way. Information sharing is shifting to online, although it has obviously been going on for a long time.

Employee benefits at B2E

An employee yourself? Even then the Business To Employee strategy has advantages. How this will unfold within your organization is different per case. What you could think of is the implementation of a personal platform for employees, fully personalized and with the best options. For example, it is possible to create a personal portal for the employee, with useful links to information about insurance, mortgages or even healthcare. It is essential for companies to offer service to the employee, just as they do for the customer or prospect. The company uses this as an incentive for the permanent employee.

How does this return to the company? As we have just mentioned, it is essential for companies to be able to retain permanent staff. This does not necessarily have to be about offering the highest salary, but more and more about the feeling of a person with the employer. Do you offer your employees enough extras? Do your own employees benefit sufficiently from the benefits of the company and do you treat them in a personal way? This contributes to an improved motivation of the employee and a better story towards new applicants.

B2E in a nutshell

In a short summary we could describe Business To Employee as everything companies can do for their employees; to convince, train, preserve, seduce and strengthen the internal structure. This is to give the outside approach also a boost. The digital work field of the employee plays a crucial role in this. The current system used by many companies is already outdated and it is putting a lot of pressure on efficiency. Many companies even use multiple digital programs to shape their business, which means that communication between them and the loss / retention of data is bad.

The importance of internal communication is similarly, or even more important, than the communication of companies to external customers. For many companies, there is a growing awareness that satisfying current employees and developing internal opportunities will play a major role in the present and the future. A personal URL for all employees of an organization, further personalization and possibilities for employees to gain access to relevant information about the company in order to function better. It all falls under the Business To Employee approach to companies.

Deployment of this concept

If you want to succeed as a company with B2E, then it is already important to think about implementing Business To Employee. Don't worry, your organization is not the last to pass. In fact, many companies are currently in a transition where employees are becoming more central to the organization. With an optimized B2E concept you get the most out of your employees.

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