Multichannel communication: your message on multiple channels

Multichannel communication

Your message on multiple channels

Everything within ePublisher is focused on create once, publish everywhere, including when the optimal source is another application. ePublisher offers a multi-channel content strategy. Content is easily published on all desired channels, automatically in the right format and all from one central platform. This multi-channel approach to the target group is increasingly being used to reach a broad target group through multiple channels. Read more about how this can also help your organization. Multichannel communication to increase your horizon and optimize the results from your target group.

 Personalize multichannel communication

Thinking of multichannel you should not immediately think of a general message. In fact, multichannel in particular ensures that you can extensively personalize in your approach to the target group. If you do not know exactly where your target group is or if they are active on various channels, then multichannel communication is ideal. From a central point you give shape to the message and spread it through different channels. This is the essence of exchanging information with the target group through various avenues. That means that you can no longer be found on your own website, but you also use e-mail, social media, by telephone or via handy apps. An approach that ensures that you reach the largest possible group.

Does this multichannel communication work equally well everywhere? Not by definition. Certain channels will of course function better than others, depending on the preferences within the target group. With communication within one channel it is also 'more logical' to respond than with the other channel. For example, communicating via WhatsApp or social media is very fast, while communication via e-mail is becoming increasingly passive. However, in both ways you transfer information to the target group or other stakeholders of your organization. In addition, it is useful to store communication that runs through various channels in a well-arranged system. This way you know exactly when you did something and you keep an overview in the multichannel approach.

Which channels are used more often?

Multichannel is not an unknown concept in marketing. We also have the omni-cross-channel approach. All with the same goal: effectively reaching the target group in a personal way. What communication are we talking about? In particular about complaints, agreements, orders and relevant opinions regarding your company. It is the purest form of exchanging communication between target group and company. With the feedback from the customer you can work on the approach and vice versa you can test the approach among the target group. Does multichannel communication help to increase the group of active followers or customers?

There are various effective and standardized channels for communicating with the target group. As we said, no channel is the same, but some of the channels to use are:

E-mail: Sending a newsletter, promoting a new product or offering informative opinion pieces that help the target group. But also e-mails from the customers themselves. Receive these, give them a logical place and provide feedback on relevant communication from the customer. Emails seem easy to organize, but they are not always.

Own or external website: The own website remains the most important platform to receive the customer. Provide the correct information that the customer is looking for. This is also possible via other websites, if they have a strong connection with your own website. These are, for example, external websites from a specific industry. Bringing your information back here has many advantages.

Social media: All sorts of social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

This multichannel communication not only ensures an optimal reach of the target group, but you also reach different types of people with it. For example, many people still prefer communication via mail, while others move to complete digital communication. Multichannel communication is therefore a great choice.

 What does multichannel know to distinguish?

Multichannel communication has different characteristics. This makes it a concept where the customer has a central role. As a company you think from the preferences and needs of the customer. You know how to further optimize mutual communication by focusing on the individual behavior of the target group. Determine which channels best suit your target group and how the customer knows how to move in these places. This influences your media mix, the frequency with which you approach the target group and the type of marketing that you use. By analyzing this approach, you work on an improved approach to the target group and discover the most interesting channels for communication. A moment of contact with the target group is a moment when you come out.

Multichannel communication teaches you how the target group behaves. If the clickthrough frequency of a message via a specific channel is very high, then it makes sense to use it more often. If the response to a marketing message via the other channel is less high, this will give you relevant information about the question 'why not here?'. Incidentally, multichannel communication gives you the space to standardize processes. If you have the right data to determine where and when the target group wants to be reached, then you realize a whole with processes adapted to this.

The foundation of multichannel communication

Starting with multichannel communication is a priority for many companies, but taking the first step is often difficult. That is why the foundation must be good. How do you make multichannel a success with the current situation in mind? Countless books have already been written about the possibilities of multichannel communication, with an answer to the question 'how to start?' The following elements will help your company get started:

  • Structure the available data for a good overview
  • Choose the right multichannel channels based on the target audience
  • The path of conversion: how to use this concept and focus on conversion?

You want to maximize the value of each channel, or the ROI (Return On Investment) should be as high as possible. If you want to perform a targeted analysis of the use of multichannel communication, then A /B testing is a great option. You then test the same message through the different channels, but at different times. Or you choose two completely different messages and you analyze the clickthrough rate or response.

Content an important factor

Before you start communicating through different channels, it is good to pay attention to the content. Content marketing is important for many companies, but the potential is still not being sufficiently recognized. After all, optimizing content does not only relate to your own website, but it becomes all the more relevant when you want to appear on other websites or through other channels. Suppose that as a company you want to put a new product on the market. The desired content with a product description must then be placed on the correct channel. In other words: the right message, at the right time and through the right channel.

The benefits of multichannel communication

Multichannel communication brings a lot of benefits. One of the most important is the cost-saving image. You have a uniform approach to the market, so you don't have to develop a complex strategy for every channel. Therefore, the result from your market approach is also better. The communication that you use is also suitable for the receiver. You have chosen specific channels and you know the behavior of your target group in these places. By spreading a message at the right time you increase your reach and conversion.

Another advantage is a situation in which you can trace the response from the target group. You know at what time you sent your message and then analyze the data on your own website / other channel. Do you see an increase in the number of visitors on conversions? If not, there are still enough challenges in multichannel communication. Finally, multichannel communication is future-proof. It is a concept that has been proven and works for companies from many sectors.

Multichannel communication in short

Within multichannel communication you use an integrated platform, from which all incoming and outgoing communication flows take place. From here you are constantly busy optimizing communication between your company and the target group. You analyze the behavior and responses across various channels and you ensure a functional situation in which the ROI is as high as possible. You know at the same time what communication needs are there among the target group. A good or complex mix of communication across various channels provides the best results for the organization. Therefore, if you also want to make use of these options, start discovering the options today. 'Create once, publish everywhere': the most efficient way to reach the target group on different channels.

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