Field Service Management

A fully integrated solution for the efficient planning of resources

How do you optimize the deployment of your people and ensure satisfied customers? With Smartwork, work assignments are linked to the right people and planned in the most optimal working route. Is something different than planned? No problem, this is immediately adjusted in the real-time planning. In combination with a service app for your employees, you handle customer visits optimally. Experience the pleasure of satisfied customers!

Realtime planning


Smartwork optimizes resources and workload based on many variables. It optimizes the planning based on the desired date, the available resources and their skills, the ideal vehicle routes, the task allocation and much more.

Smartwork provides more efficient planning and therefore a substantial reduction in costs and will significantly improve customer service and quality.

Workforce Optimization


Smartwork distinguishes itself by calculating an optimal planning that is adjusted in real time based on various factors.

The tool generates an optimal planning in advance and informs the various locations about an upcoming visit. However, if the day runs differently than planned, Smartwork will immediately process all new information in a new schedule.

On- en offline service app


Part of the application is an app that makes it possible to send work orders and relevant information to your employees. Employees can enter the results in real time locally, during an inspection or work assignment.

The app is fully accessible, even if there is no internet connection. This offers flexibility and leads to rapid processing of results. The results are immediately available to the customer of the location after processing.

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