Achievements we are proud of together with our clients

Prisma IT has achieved joint successes in various segments through intensive partnerships with both our customers and third parties.

Dutch Railways B2E Involvement


With ePublisher, a platform has been developed that offers an efficient solution for content that is published both online and offline. Content is easily created,  imported and published on all desired channels, automatically in the right format coming from one central platform. Also the On Board Information System is provided by content from ePublisher so all train passengers in the Netherlands will see travel information, infotainment and entertainment, coming from ePublisher.

Tweede Kamer Matomo Dashboard


Based on our experience with (Web) Analytics, designing and developing Enterprise Dashboards and in collaboration with the Dutch government, Prisma IT was selected by the House of Representatives a few years ago as a partner for web analysis support.

Prisma IT provides the House of Representatives with a secure analysis platform, data training and support for all Analytics services that the IT department offers for all MPs.


MediSign Healthcare specialist digital signage


With more than 800 screens in more than 30 hospitals, ePublisher daily offers a large audience relevant information. The platform publishes all sorts of content and wayfinding on digital screens like news, calamities and specific information for visitors and patients

Digital Signage Martini Ziekenhuis



The Martini Hospital is a top clinical training hospital that distinguishes itself with a wide range of excellent medical specialist care.

Through the application of digital signage, the ePublisher platform supports personal care in a hospitable environment and Prisma IT works closely with general practitioners and other care providers in the chain: we work together for the best care.



Digital Signage Spaarne Ziekenhuis



The platform feeds via digital screens in wayfinding, news, calamities and specific information for visitors and patients. Prisma IT can manage the various locations from a central role and can assign rights and content per screen.

The clinics have control of their own screens. From the central role, general and emergency content can be published on all and individual outlets.

Digital Signage Parnassia Zorggroep



Parnassia sees the added value of narrowcasting through targeted communication with specific target groups. Our content fits in perfectly with the care processes that are organized efficiently.

Prisma IT is aware of the impact and supports this sustainable enterprise through socially responsible deployment of the systems with the main objective of guiding and relieving patients.

ETP Multi Webshop


With big names such as Efteling, ABN Amro and TUI, ETP offers a unique multi-web shop to its clients for full-service project management from design and samples to inventory management, service and distribution.

AXA Sleutelservice


The key service .NET application and works as an autonomous application in the AXA business process. The application and is the interface to the B2B and B2C market through a CMS with an integrated Webshop.

The backend links with the production process in the factory and provides logistical information about the desired products and shipments. In this way the process is fully automated, delivery takes place quickly and the production costs are reduced.

Pilotage Website


The pilotage contributes to the safety of shipping by annually piloting the more than 90,000 seagoing vessels subject to pilotage to and from the seaports.

The platform offers proactive and personalized communication. The platform works intuitively and makes it easy to create and publish content, it is ready for future changes and offers security regarding information security and privacy

Carrier HVAC Website


Carrier is a global organization for the production and supply of climate systems and building-related systems. From this ambition and vision, communication and support to the partner network is crucial. The website offers a wide range of options from support to installation support for the entire product portfolio.

The platform offers a clear product portfolio and partner-oriented communication. The platform works intuitively and makes it easy to create and publish content, it is ready for future changes and offers security regarding information security and privacy.

SmartInstall Fieldservice


SmartInstall supports the network operators in the rollout of smart meters. Since 2015, smart electricity and gas meters have been offered to 7 million Dutch households. SmartWork platform software ensures efficient planning and monitoring of our work.

The watertight and complete real-time online registration of the progress of data in the field is crucial for the success of our projects. This mobile app supports the technician during his work. The technician is guided step-by-step through the process on his tablet. This makes SmartInstall continuously "in control".

Oxfam Projectmonitor


ATLAS is a project monitor for global complex and integrated projects. The ATLAS world map shows where Oxfam is active. Not only all locations can be found there, but also what kind of projects they are, who provides the money and what the money was spent on.

A fully linked backend from various central and decentralized sources provides a transparent insight into the financial and qualitative status and is shared via the IATI protocol. ATLAS provides the information at the micro level and can read in all different sources. It offers organizations all project data in a comprehensive overview.

Min. Justice & Security


The government can use for serious incidents. Is there a calamity in your area, but you cannot find any information here? We offer a reliable environment for communicating this information online. the environment can be adjusted in a crisis situation to deliver the best performance.

A government agency can provide information about a disaster or serious calamity via The decision to use the website rests with government agencies, such as the municipality, security region or central government.

Kontak Opticiens OptiPublisher


Kontak supplies its customers with an intelligent communication platform that you can use to automate your communication to patients and customers. You can easily put together your communication process, tailored to your objective and target group.

You set up your own communication processes to inform, call and remind your customers, to mobilize them. The use of the most suitable means of communication is determined by the purpose of the communication.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen OBIS Narrowcasting


Dutch Railways is committed to a door-to-door strategy for all travelers of NS on all digital channels, thereby offering the ultimate customer journey. The On Board Information System (OBIS) is a unique platform that is linked to the ePublisher platform.

ePublisher is active on all NS trains and provides dynamic content on the screens. The travel information is alternately shown with infotainment or entertainment. Content is displayed both on the train and station side and thus contributes to the specific segment channel effectively.

Eneco Workforce planning Smart meters


With SmartWork we have developed a specific approach in collaboration with Eneco. Initiating the project including scheduling appointments, drafting and sending letters to customers and setting up an online portal on which Eneco customers can move their appointments themselves.

The corporate identity of Eneco is reflected in the online portal, the written communication and the automatic e-mails. In addition, we have configured our SmartWork application to Eneco's processes. Every working day we deliver the data from the previous working day to Eneco.

CIP Overheid Website & Data


Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection is a public-private network organization consisting of Participants and Knowledge Partners. Participants are government companies whose employees participate in one or more of the working relationships within the partnership.

The website offers products and information for knowledge partners and market parties that are linked to a covenant for relevant and targeted information on the various themes in the program.

Liander Field-service Management


SmartWork is used for the large-scale installation of smart electricity and gas meters at 300,000 addresses in the Liander areas.

With SmartWork we automatically schedule customer appointments and generate the most efficient route for all service engineers on a daily basis. The customer himself has the option to reschedule his appointment online and the technician handles the entire service assignment on a mobile app. All data and photos can be viewed directly in the corresponding front and back office application. Because we have linked SmartWork to the Liander SAP, Liander has direct insight into the progress and performance of its contractor

Joulz Field-service Management


Joulz has realized more than 60,000 meter changes with SmartWork. These projects for exchanging meters for Stedin have been successfully realized through the effective use of SmartWork.

Deployment of our planning platform has almost doubled productivity. The good communication between parties and a short solution time have made this project a success. To further optimize the chain for Joulz, an XML link has been realized with which completed work orders are digitally sent and processed within 2 minutes..

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